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8 International MBA Programs

See also: Executive MBA and Global MBA.

See also: Executive MBA and Global MBA.


Executive MBA

Logo Pamplin College of Business

PROGRAM FORMAT The Virginia Tech Executive MBA Program is tailored to business leaders interested in taking their careers to the next level…


The Magellan MBA

Logo Porto Business School

The Magellan MBA is a full-time 14 month programme that is aimed at fast-tracking professionals that, regardless of their past academic bac…


Evening MBA

Logo Wisconsin School of Business

Learn from Leaders in Academia and the Business Community To give yourself an edge and take your career to the next level, you need a more …


International MBA

Logo Rawls College of Business

The rigorous, 20-month program involves technical, lecture-style material delivered electronically and six modules of in-class instruction devoted to interactive, case-method instruction in the core disciplines of accounting, info…


Working Professional

Logo Williams College of Business

Earning a Master's degree in business administration is more than an academic achievement. It's a prerequisite for career advancement–the d…


Accelerated MBA Program

Logo Richard T. Doermer School of Business and Management Sciences

In an ever-changing global environment, professionals who make effective and ethical business decisions are in high demand. IPFW ‘s MBA pro…



Logo Pacific Lutheran University

he Pacific Lutheran University MBA Program is founded on the cornerstones of leadership, creative innovation, global awareness and ethical …


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Logo Grenoble Graduate School of Business

Objectives: The Grenoble Graduate School of Business MBA provides an intensive practical program with a focus on developing key management …