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4 Operating Systems Training Courses


操作系统原理(Operating Systems)

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About this course: 《操作系统原理》是针对计算机科学技术专业三年级本科生开设的一门专业基础课程。本课程着重学生系统观的培养,通过重点讲述操作系统的内部结构、工作原理及典型技术的实现,使学生建立起对操作系统的整体及各个功能模块的认识,从而系统掌握计算机的专业知识…


Embedded Hardware and Operating Systems

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About this course: This course is intended for the Bachelor and Master's students, who like practical programming and making IoTs applicati…


Course 70058: Deploying Operating Systems

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Introduction This course provides the information needed to deploy operating systems by using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager …


Operating Systems

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Description This course will introduce you to the basics of operating system and modern operating system. This course teaches various conce…