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4 Anthropology Training Courses


ANTHR 3305: Anthropology of Parenting

Logo Cornell University School of Continuing Education

Human children are packets of genes that represent individual reproductive success. Like all animals, humans are selected by evolution to c…


Anthropology 135A: Religion & Social Order

Logo UC Irvine OpenCourseWare

This course is an anthropological exploration of religions in diverse cultural and historical contexts. Our focus will be on relations of p…


Hands-On Anthropology and Ethnographic Storytelling

Logo VU Amsterdam Summer School

Ethnography or what Clifford Geertz called ‘deep-hanging out’ (1998) is becoming an increasingly popular research method among the main soc…


Jan Chipchase: The anthropology of mobile phones

Logo TEDtalks

Ted Talk: Nokia researcher Jan Chipchase's investigation into the ways we interact with technology has led him from the …